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If you're unsure about our colors in your space, the best way to be certain is to order a swatch. Available in Soft Grey and Marble.

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72% Wool / 28% Jute

Our rugs consist of 100% East Coast Wool yarn which is then braided around a jute core for stability. The jute is all natural and sourced from deadstock, which would normally go to the landfill. All rugs are sewn with 100% cotton thread, for a fully natural and biodegradable product.

Supply Chain & Process

Our rugs are made, from farm to final product, on the East Coast, USA. The wool comes from small family farms and cooperatives in New York, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. After it is gently cleaned with soap and water at a processor in South Carolina, the wool heads back to our home state of North Carolina to be spun, braided, and sewn by hand into its final form. No dyes or harsh chemicals are used, maintaining the natural color and beauty of the wool.


8" x 8" swatch


Our rugs can be spot cleaned, steam cleaned, or turned over in a pinch— braided rugs are reversible! It’s best to use a mild detergent (ideally wool detergent) diluted with water to spot clean stains. To evenly distribute wear and extend its lifetime, the rug should be turned over periodically. Any small loose threads that appear on the surface should be clipped rather than pulled out.


Swatches will be sent shortly after order placement. We offer flat rate shipping via Fed Ex Ground.